Maurizio Zappettini

Born and raised in Genoa, Italy, Zappettini became interested in the world of photography when received his first 35mm camera at age 7. Visual imagery quickly became deeply ingrained in his world. At age 10 he attempted to shoot his first feature film with friends on his parents’ VHS camera. A few years later when he purchased a 16mm film camera and shot his first short film. He started his education at the Drama, Arts, and Music Studies program at University of Genoa, before moving to London, where he began his career as a filmmaker.

Today, Maurizio Zappettini is best known for making vibrant, funny and thought provoking spots often leveraging nuanced humor. He is best known for his work on Fiat’s Elevator, Expedia’s Cubicle and Oreo’s Forest campaigns. These have earned him accolades at the AICP, Telly Awards and American Advertising Awards.

Zappettini currently specializes in commercials, branded content, and fashion films and lives in Los Angeles.


Elevator | Fiat

Cubicle | Expedia

Decadence | Marc Jacobs

Forest | Oreo

Colorway | Philips Hue